Grief and the Journey to Healing from Pet Loss
Online Pet Bereavement Course available from 4th April 2017

For many of us the passing of a beloved animal can feel like the end of our world and certainly life as we have known it. Every day life can feel surreal when our whole world has just fallen apart.  Our animals give us unconditional love and are always there for us no matter what. They listen, they love, they make us laugh and they see us at our best and worst, we hide nothing from them.  Coming home to a house with pets is truly a blessing and something to look forward to even if we have just popped out for a short time. We often share closer bonds with our animals than we do with other humans.

I have experienced the loss of loved ones, both people and animals and it is my own journey that has prompted me to write this course.  Although grief and how we experience it is unique for each one of us every each circumstance, I believe there are ways to support and assist individuals in their grieving and healing process.  This is certainly my personal experience.  

It may be difficult to speak to other people about how we feel as perhaps our friends and family do not fully understand the bond of love we shared with our animal or the gap that their physical presence has left left in our life.  

This online course will give you tools to help you work through your grief in a way that feels comfortable for you, taking small steps or working though the entire course quickly.  The meditations and exercises can be repeated as many times as you wish.  When you book the course you will receive an e-mail including; you tube videos and pdf notes.  The aim of the course is to assist you in finding a greater sense of peace in your life and to honour your relationship with your pet in Heaven.

To register your interest in this online course, please e-mail me on or to purchase the course please see below.  Please click here to see the Course Outline

Online Pet Bereavement Course

£ 22.00 

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