Pet Bereavement Support 
Distance Course

Support through the grieving and healing process

For many of us the passing of a beloved animal feels like the end of our world and life as we have known it. Our animals give us unconditional love and are always there for us. They listen, love, make us laugh and see us at our best and worst, we hide nothing from them.  Coming home to a house with pets is truly a blessing as we often share closer bonds with our animals than we do with other humans.

It may be difficult to speak about how we feel as perhaps our friends and family do not fully understand the bond of love we shared with our animal or the gap that their physical presence has left left in our life.  

This course aims to support you in moving through your grief at a pace that feels comfortable. The meditations, exercises and techniques may be repeated as often as you wish.  You will receive an e-mail with the pdf file. To book the course, please click on the link below:

Pet Bereavement Support Course

£ 10.00 

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