Kundalini Reiki Distance Learning Course
Student Comments
Loved loved loved this course!  Amazing shifts for me and a totally different mindset, excited for the future and blessed to have met you ladies. AB, Norfolk
* * * *
Oh my goodness what a journey it has been.  Absolutely loved every minute.  So pleased to have connected with you all and yes definitely would love to keep in touch.  Once again Tina, you are an angel, thank you for all your help, guidance and support.  A heart centred course which truly makes it special.  DM, Kent
* * * *
Just wanted to thank everyone on this course for being such a welcoming supportive group, and of course you Tina, for your incredible teaching, love and support.  It's been incredible and I can't wait for the rest of the journey.  AF, Norfolk
* * * *
Thank you so much Tina, this is giving me so much.  I will continue to practice and trust.  MD, Norfolk

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki came from Master Kuthumi and was developed by Ole Garbielsen.  It is a simple yet powerful healing system that connects us more deeply to our true nature and to Mother Earth.  Kundalini Reiki has three levels.

The next Kundalini Reiki distance learning course will start on Monday 5th October and will run part time for the month and will include the following:

  • 3 Manuals in pdf format
  • Level 1, level 2 and level 3 attunements
  • Meditations in MP3 format and pdf format
  • Private Facebook group for the duration of the course
  • Video posts in facebook group
  • Certificate in pdf format
Kundalini Reiki Standard Package - Your investment:  £177.00 (£155.00 early bird offer)
Kundalini Reiki Gold Package (all of the above and 2 x 30 minute Zoom sessions) - Your investment:  £222.00 (£199.00 early bird offer)

Please note that this course can be done on a one to one basis (early bird offer does not apply).

For information on the next course dates, please email me:  tinaread@ymail.com

This is a part time flexible course.  Times and days for attunements are arranged in advance and email support for questions is provided on three dedicated days each each week. 

Kundalini Reiki Level One
The first attunement opens healing channels to allow the recipient to channel Kundalini Reiki energy.  At the same time the preparation takes place for the safe Kundalini awakening in the second level.  The crown, heart and hand chakras are opened and strengthened.  The focus at this level is self-healing and you learn a simple self-healing technique, you are also able to perform a healing treatment on another either in person or distantly. 

Kundalini Reiki Level 2
Kundalni Reiki level 2 strengthens the Kundalini Reiki channels and the Kundalini awakening takes place alighting the Kundalini "fire" .  You are also taught a Kundalini Reiki meditation, which enlightens all the chakras or energy centres in the body and a cleansing takes place.  

Kundalini Reiki Level 3 
This level strengthens the level one and two attunements and the throat, solar plexus, sacral and base chakras or energy centres are opened.  The Kundalini "fire" is strengthened and reaches up out of the crown chakra - full rising of the Kundalini takes place.  You learn how to pass Kundalini Reiki level 1 - 3 on to others.  There are additional healing systems included with the level 3 attunement.

Click here for more information: Distance Learning Course Content

If you have any questions or to book a place on the next course, please contact Tina on tinaread@ymail.com

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