Cat World Magazine

Taking time out to share the love ~ April 2017
A life-long cat lover with resident felines of my own, I decided to spend a morning volunteering at my local rescue centre - what a joy!

* * *

Many mouths make hard work ~ June 2017
Kitten Season is well underway already at Feline Care Cat Rescue keeping staff, volunteers and foster carers extremely busy as many are semi-feral and require additional care

Cat hoarders: a rescue centre's point of view ~ June 2017
Feline Care Cat Rescue is just one of many rescues trying to cope with increasing numbers of hoarded cats that are often in poor health when they arrive

* * *

Elderly felines need loving homes too ~ July 2017
Volunteering at the local rescue means meeting many cats of varying ages but all too often it is felines in their senior years that become a more permanent fixture

* * *

Family matters when it's time to say goodbye ~ August 2017
For any cat, being cared for and loved by a family, either feline or human, makes the end of their life a more comfortable and peaceful experience

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