August 1, 2017
Taking your much loved animal to the see the vet can be stressful for you both.  Why not try some of the following tips for a calmer and more positive experience for you and your pet.  I can honestly say having a spiritual tool kit can make the whole experience much easier and will enable you to stay grounded and in the present moment being in control of your experience rather than giving in to fear.  We all experience fear and particularly when one of our loved ones in involved but if we can acknowledge it and then tap into our resources things flow much better and more calmly.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to walk my talk with a few emergency trips to the vets for minor emergencies, which worked out as well as was possible and were made much easier as I was able to keep a level head and act from a place of empowerment and not fear.

It is not always possible to spend time meditating before you get into the car particularly if it is a matter of getting to the vet for immediate help and treatment.  The way I handle this is to take three slow deep breaths into my stomach and really feel them in the centre of my body grounding me and being aware of my feet on the ground beneath me.  With small animals I put a few drops of Flower Essence Rescue Remedy on the blanket and if it is a dog, I encourage them to lick a few drops from my hand or stroke a few drops into their coat.  If needs be you can take a few drops yourself as it will have a calming effect.

My favourite affirmation, which I repeat slowly and calmly in my head or out loud, depending on how I feel is:  "All is well, everything is working out for our highest good.  Out of this situation only good will come.  We are safe."  This is using a Louise Hay affirmation and making is apply to a challenging situation with your animal.  You can simply say "All is well. We are safe."  Using an affirmation is a good way of bringing your energy down in to a more peaceful state.

During the car journey I keep my thoughts positive and visualise the best possible outcome, this usually consists of every staff member being helpful and compassionate, the environment being calm and quiet and my animal being seen by the vet quickly without any fuss. I picture my animal looking calm and see the two of us back in the car after the appointment has taken place looking happy and my animal having received appropriate treatment.  I also take it a step further and visualise them back at home doing something that they enjoy such as sleeping in a sunny spot on the carpet or playing in the garden and being in a joyful state or if it is one of my chickens them scratching around in the earth digging for bugs.



July 6, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent more time than is usual att my desk working on animal related projects.  During this time I have had my own four pawed support team with me.  There have been moments when I have looked up from my computer to see all four cats and dogs in the office, which has made me smile and opened my heart wider, their loyalty and love is unending.  Often I am aware they are adding their own magic to my words, prompting me to think about something differently, enc...

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June 8, 2017

With the busy lives we all lead these days it is easy to lose our grounding and not be fully present in our body.  When we are in a grounded and solid place we can deal with the ups and downs in our lives more easily but when we are not they may take their toll emotionally and physically on us, perhaps draining our energy or leading to stress and poor health.  Often we are drawn consciously and subconsciously to people who are grounded and present as we are sharing their energy for the time w...

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June 2, 2017

It really is a gift to be able to share meditation with your animal family and it is something we can all do and I really mean that.  When you mention meditation so many people say “I can’t do it, my mind is so busy”.  Most people who meditate have thoughts while we are meditating even those who have been practising for many years.  All we have to do is to be present to these thoughts, acknowledge them and allow them to float away like clouds across the sky and bring our attention gentl...

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February 28, 2017

Distance Reiki ~ Love knows no bounds

A beautiful peace fills my therapy room as a distance Reiki treatment unfolds, the energy expands and I feel uplifted and grounded, completely connected to the Universe and everyone and everything in it.  Part of my preparation is setting my intention to be Reiki with the animal or person and they may choose exactly what they need at that moment in time as their higher self or heart self  leads the way.  Reiki goes to where it is needed most, be that mind,...

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October 17, 2016

For our 10th Wedding Anniversary my husband secretly arranged for us to spend a few days in Turkey staying with some of our dog crazy friends, yes there are others like us!  What a great surprise and how excited we both were at not only seeing our lovely friends but also meeting their rescue dogs, who we had heard so much about and seen countless photos of, and for the opportunity of making new friends with the street dogs in the area.

We were greeted by Blackie and Dusty, gorgeous and clear...

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September 16, 2016


I am a self-confessed cat addict so you can imagine my excitement when I woke up at the crack of dawn on a slightly drizzly Thursday morning knowing I would be spending the morning volunteering at Feline Care Cat Rescue in East Harling, Norfolk.   My own cats eyed me with suspicion, I am sure they have some kind of kitty radar and knew I was up to something feline related that didn’t involve them!   How could I?

I arrived at the entrance to the rescue centre bright eyed and bus...

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About Me

I live with my husband, cats, dogs and chickens in the North Norfolk countryside and work as an Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and also volunteer Reiki with a number of Rescues and Charities. I am passionate about animal welfare and am an ambassador for the Prayer for the Animals in our World.

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