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Making A Vision Board for your Animals ~ June 2018

The Power of Visualisation for Animal Guardians ~May 2018

Meditating with your Animals for Peace ~ April 2018

Deepening your Bond with your Animals ~ February 2018

Spirit & Destiny Magazine ~ March 2018

Your Cat Magazine ~ December 2017

A quartet of kitties
Tina Read writes about her beloved cats and their many quirks

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Catworld Magazine ~ November 2017

Seeking Loving Owners
Blind rescue kittens from Macedonia, Hungary and Romania are looking for someone to give them a loving home here in the Uk

Catworld Magazine ~ August 2017

Skiathos Cat Welfare Association Small charities make a big difference

The Uk is well ahead of many oversees countries when it comes to welfare of stray and unwanted cats but with the help of local people and visitors, things are improving

Dogs Today Magazine ~ July 2016

Rescue Me

"Stay a while.............."

Tina Read explores how fosterers can put their own feelings aside

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 Kindred Spirit Magazine

September / October 2015

Tree of Life for the Animals

Tina Read recounts how she and a colleague shared Reiki with the beautiful animals of TOLFA India 

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Barking Bugle Logo

Written For Dogs by Dogs – Woofing from North Norfolk 

Reiki for Dogs Find your inner woof!  by Tig Read


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