Would you like to have a deeper bond with your much loved animals?  Feel supported on your journey together through life and at times of change, illness or simply during your animal's senior years?

Tina can support you with Reiki, by teaching simple meditation techniques and through intuitive guidance, which will empower and assist you in deepening your relationship with your animal.

Tina has been working with animals and their guardians for many years and has supported them through life changes helping to bring a greater sense of peace and connection between animal and human.  She is a Reiki healer, teacher, writer, animal advocate and ambassador for the Prayer for the Animals in our World and also provides bereavement support to her clients. Tina has a monthly column in Cat World Magazine and writes a blog. She volunteers Reiki for Feline Care Cat Rescue, Uk German Shepherd Rescue Angels and TOLFA India.  Tina is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Shelter Animal Reiki Association and is delighted to contribute to their blog.  Tina is fully insured.  

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