Supporting Animals and People with Reiki 

Tina with some of her beloved animals

 Tina with one of the TOLFA rescue dogs

Tina truly believes that animals and their guardians are able to connect on a deeper level through the gentle and peaceful power of Reiki.  

Tina is a Reiki and Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and in addition to offering her clients Animal Reiki in person in North Norfolk she is now delighted travel further afield by prior arrangement.  Tina also offers Distance Animal Reiki worldwide, she has been volunteering Reiki for the last five years to Uk German Shepherd Rescue Angels and in 2016 started volunteering Reiki at Feline Care Cat Rescue in East Harling, Norfolk.  In October 2014 she spent two life changing weeks at TOLFA, Tree of Life for Animals, in Rajasthan, India, sharing Reiki with the animals there.  Tina has written about her experiences with the animals in a number of Magazine Articles and on the Shelter Animal Reiki Association Blog, as she has a passion for raising awareness for animal rescue and the benefits of Reiki for animals through her writing. 

Tina lives with her husband, their cats, dogs and chickens, in the Norfolk countryside.  She is also delighted to be an Ambassador for the Prayer for the Animals in our World, the prayer's mission is to raise positive energy for the Animal Kingdom through its words and loving intention.

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